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This is my special site dedicated to Fairy adoptions ^^ For the beginning this means mainly dollz, I might add other fairies also, but I didn't decide on it yet.

In the adopted section you will find my adopted dollz. They are all awsome and my respects go to the wonderfully talented artists *bows*. I call them all fairies since they have that look for me (no matter what kind of wings), but it can be that their creator called the grafic sprite, elf, angel or something else ^^

All the adopted come with a link to their creator. You are not allowed to link or take ANY of this grafics off my site, if you want to adopt one, you HAVE to go to the creator's site to get one for yourself. Please respect and follow this. Thank you =)

In the adoption section you will find fairy dollz that I made with dollmakers or using bases. They will come with links/credits to the creators of those tools. As I understand the rules, you are allowed to adopt those (if I am mistaken, please let me know!!). Anyway there will be dolls that I want to keep all to myself :P, they will have a NO ADOPT-info with them. Please don't take those. If you adopt any of the others, please provide a link back to http://www.zauberfee.de/mcfclique/fairyadoption/. Or go to the dollmakers' sites and make your own =))

Thanks for respecting my wishes, enjoy your stay and the beautiful fairies =)

Zauberfee (means "Magic Fairy" *.*)


Doll by >>256colors
Dolls by >>Autumn Pixels
Doll by >>Dollz N Stuff
Dolls by >>Hime No Sakura
Doll by >>Fairy Dollz
Doll by >>Sparkling Ice
Dolls by >>Packaged Bliss
Doll by >>Pinkland
Dolls by >>Agath'z Doll'z (remain depends on Agathe's answer)
Doll by >>Kittenbox
Dolls by >>Okashi
Doll by >>Les Lucinelles
Dolls by >>Ma Petite Poupée
Doll by >>Pinkies
Dolls by >>Spread your Wings (email supposed to be send, but I cant find the addy O_o)
Dolls made with Dollmaker Candymaker by >>TheDollPalace.
I put them under adopted fairies since those were complete character bases and the only thing I changed was the face ^^
Fairy and Snow Fairy Dolls by >>The Doll Palace

MY selfmade FAIRY dollz


Broken Blackwinged

This is my mascot, my very first self made doll, base by >>Mizfit Dollz. I created the little one while being inspired by the song broken by Seether, feat. Amy Lee^^


This is an alter ego of the character I plan on playing when Everquest 2 starts^^. Her name is Kiwiana, she is a Wood Elf. The base "Lily" is by >>Angy Chan.

Kiwiana 2

Another picture of Kiwiana, the EQ2 Wood Elf. I made her with the candymaker by >>TheDollPalace.

Kruspe & Zauberfee

I created this picture myself, using the Candymaker dollmaker by >>TheDollPalace for the dolls. Dedicated to some 2003/2004 memories.

Thx a bunch

This is my second self made doll on a base, the base is by >>Julies Dolls. I created it for a helper-gift for my clique Magic Cyber Fairy. It shows the main site character in plushie form ^^
XMAS Fairies on dollz bases
These are the dolls I made for adoption in various christmas times.

Hold cursor over the pic and you see the bases creator, urls are: >>Dollz n Stuff, >>Karolina, >>Angy Chan, >>eCandy, >>MaPetitePoupee, >>Mopiryland, >>Guinevere and >>Pinkland.

base by dollz n stuff base by dollz n stuff
base by eCandy base by eCandy base by eCandy base by karolina base by angy chan
base by eCandy base by mapetitepoupee
base by mopiryland

base by guinevere base by guinevere

base by pinkland base by pinkland

base by pinkland base by pinkland

Candymaker Fairies (Dollmaker by >>TheDollPalace)
(attention: background is white, not transparent)

Other dollmaker based Fairies
- the cutest tiny dancer
(Dollmaker by >>Misled-Youth.Net)
- sweet latina ^^
(Dollmaker by >>Guinevere's Dolls)
"Polly Parish"
- trashy fairy lady ^^
(Dollmaker by >>Fairy Dollz)
- a little punk ^^
(Dollmaker by >>Dollzmaniacs)
- the enchanting blonde ^^
(Dollmaker by >>Misled-Youth.Net)
"Drew Silver"
- she likes the easy going
(Dollmaker by >>Fairy Dollz)

fairy adoptions



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