::what is the "MAGIC CYBER FAIRY" ?::

First of all: thx for stepping by and welcome =) This clique is for all the fairies out there in cyberspace that work their websites with a certain kind of magic and love to do it!^^

When you have an enchanting and beautiful site all designed by yourself (with that special touch of magic ^^) then you qualify for the title of a Magic Cyber Fairy!

If you just thought "thats me!" then go ahead and submit your application for joining, but make sure you checked out the rules before.

Zauberfee (means "Magic Fairy" *.*)



Submitting is done by e-mail. Make sure you A) read the rules before!! and B) submit every info I ask for. You can copy the requested data by marking & copy, then click on submit and paste it in the mail, then fill it out ^^

1. name (can be your nickname):
2. email:
3. http://
4. site name:
5. short description of site content:
6. url where code will be located after you got accepted:
7. anything else?

8. >>submit =)

Your name, site name and short description (as well as member number) will appear on the members list.

In case you want to update an old information, just click >>here and tell me what changed ^^

::CODES:: info :: by me :: donated::

DO NOT put up any code unless you got accepted to the clique! Also remember to put your member number with the code, here are two examples how you can do it (move cursor over the first):

1.) [member #111] 2.) #111

NO linking of grafics, load them up to your own server please.
Donation of codes is welcome, I keep the right to deny acception if they seem not magical enough tho (picky I am /nods :p) You'll get a little present when your code is accepted ^^

codes by me:

(greyscale version with white border for white bg)

(gothic version with black border for black bg)

donated codes:

~ none yet ~


12.5.07: 4.03 pm - over the years we got Alexis, Cheri, Robyn and today Anesthesia - thx for joining girls, I luv your websites =)
18.8.04: 9.15 pm - added the first member, thx Birgit for joining =))
14.8.04: 9.50 pm - going to upload clique website and then submit in webdirectories and listings ^^




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