who needs spoons?

have you ever spoken to a spoon?
well – I met one –
on the dark side of the moon.

he was a sparkling, shining one
seemed like he had a lot of fun.
surprised I looked him up and down
is he for real? or just a clown?

„whats with you?“, I kindly asked him
„what do you mean? I am the KING !“
„the KING you are ?“ I fell on my knees
„I apologize – forgive me please !“

whatever he felt
he did not show it
stand above me
„so you didn’t know it?“,
he said and: „never mind –
all the stupids out there
are of your kind.“

as I almost got angry
he suddenly smiled
„hey – I do like YOU –
now don’t get wild!
you are clever, nice and cool,
I dont believe you’re such a fool.

I teach you the world, be my best friend
will be the best time you’ve ever spent.“
so I calmed down, blinded by his crown –

„what am I to do?“ – I wanted to know,
„it’s easy“ he laughed, „just do so:

think – what I think
say – what I say
see – what I see
love – what I love

hate – whom I hate
and you’ll do just great.“

I tried to look right in his eyes
but he was shining so bright
that there was no chance
to look behind his fancy glance

so I did what he told me
for weeks, months and years
‚til the one day in my live
that he brought me to tears.

for one little lie
he let me die
with no interest in the reason
he started the killing season.

but in that evil moment
the full moon time spent
its whole face to the sun
god – what a fun !

the sun bursted into the dark
crashed over the moon
highlighted the spoon
showed the true face of a shark

and now I know
his life is just a show
needs the dark side of the moon
to pretend he‘s a sweet lovely spoon

me – I always stay the same
including my bright sides and my shame
no need to hide of the sun
still looking at life with
clearness and fun

no need to hide behind the moon
but (by the way) who needs a simple spoon
that shimmers in his kingsize faky hall


© Susann Ulshöfer

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